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ClockWatch for Win 95:

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ClockWatch  Free trial is available for five editions:

Desktop Editions Client/Server Editions Star Sync
CW Pro CW Server Star Sync Server
CW Sentry  CW Client
Desktop Editions:
ClockWatch Pro
Self-installing executable for  Windows 95
application + supporting DLLs total: 3.2 MB. Version

ClockWatch Pro for Windows 95

ClockWatch Sentry
Self-installing executable for  Windows 95
application + supporting DLLs total: 3.2MB. Version 2.4.0

ClockWatch Sentry QuickStart Guide (pdf)

ClockWatch Sentry for Windows 95

Client/Server Editions:  

ClockWatch Server
Timeserver. Self-installing executable for Windows 95
application + supporting DLLs total: 4.5 MB. Version 2.4.0

ClockWatch Server for Windows 95


ClockWatch Client  
Requires ClockWatch Server
Time client that runs as a service and features clock locking. Self-installing executable for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2k/XP or 2003
application + supporting DLLs total: 4.4 MB. Version

ClockWatch Client for Windows 95

Star Sync Server Edition:

ClockWatch Star Sync Server
Requires GPS Receiver
Self-installing executable for Windows 95

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SlideShow (Release 1.3.0)
for Windows 95
  SlideShow Windows 95 :  Self-installing executable for Windows 95
Application + supporting DLLs total: 2.9 MB



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