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Version 1.0.0, Released February '98

Features introduced:  Initial release

Replaced by version 1.1.0:


Version 1.1.0, Released April '98

Features introduced:

  • Supports Netscape Navigator.
  • Works with Windows NT.
  • File Drag and Drop capability.
  • Enhanced error handling.

Replaced by version 1.2.0:


Version 1.2.0, Released December '98

Features introduced:

  • Creates stand-alone Web shows.

Version 1.2.2, Released January '99

Features introduced:

  • Expanded show creation options.


Application Patch,   Released February '99

Fixed problem with playing sound on stand-alone web shows.

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Version 1.3.0,   Released August '99

Features introduced:

  • New show wizard
  • Auto Start option
  • Import/Export bookmarks
  • Start from command line mode
  • Start SlideShow from the command line with options to run on its own. The full screen option
  • Runs a show automatically using a show instruction file.
  • Web show wizard guides you through each step of making a web show.
  • Improved international support for making web shows.
  • More info on new features in version 1.3

Version 2.0.0,   Released November '07

Features introduced:

  • updated for Internet Explorer 7
  • redisgned graphics
  • improved performatnce
  • new help system
  • runs on Windows XP, Vista

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