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The first virtual slide show application designed for the Web.  Use SlideShow to create multimedia shows and play them through your browser.  

Your show can be complied using Web pages, graphic images and a variety of other documents, and can be accompanied by music or voice-overs.




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SlideShow is a presentation engine for Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator which automates Web and image viewing.  You can create slide shows of image files, Web sites or any other electronic graphics.  Best of all, shows are viewed using Internet browsers, so your audience doesn't need any special software or plug-ins.

Use SlideShow to create multimedia shows and play them through MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Shows can consist of a combination of your favorite Web pages, images, or documents, accompanied by music, sound effects, or voice-overs -- any kind of media supported by your browser.

Features Beagle Hardware's SlideShow allows you to make a show consisting of images, Web URLs, sound files and other browser-supported files and plug-ins.   Shows can be edited, with complete functionality to customize the content and display.  SlideShow is a highly flexible and affordable way to communicate a variety of message - for both business and fun!

SlideShow has three main types of shows:

  • Web-based shows are web based surf shows accessible over the web.
  • Image Albums are shows made from a directory of images.
  • Surf Shows are collections of web sites grouped to make a show.

More information on SlideShow features.

How it works

 SlideShow uses your Web browser to display your show.  An easy-to-use wizard and menu options allow you choose what files or URLs to include, as well as to enhance viewing options for timed and/or automated display.

Your show will be displayed from the browser - the viewer needs only a browser to view your show. 

More information on how SlideShow works.

SlideShow is highly affordable at $29.95
How to Order

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SlideShow (Release 2.0.0)
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/8
Self-installing executable for Windows
Application + supporting DLLs total: 2.2 MB


An earlier version of SlideShow is also available for Windows 95

System Requirements
  • Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer or DDE compliant browser
  • Sound capability needed for sound file playback and recording.
For more information Free 30-day Trial
Software Updates
Product Information:
    Detailed Feature Guide
    SlideShow Tour
    User Manual
    Frequently Asked Questions about SlideShow


For more information on SlideShow, please complete the information request form.  Or call us toll-free at 1-877-845-2549.
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