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Pro complete time sync solution for single users
Sentry  stops unauthorized clock changes
 keeps networks in sync
Star Sync 
 gets time from GPS satellites
Radio Sync  gets time from WWVB or WWV broadcast
Cell Sync  gets time from CDMA cellular transmitters
ClockCard - precise clock on a PC card

ClockWatch Version 4.5 released!

  Did you know...
  • Most internal PC clocks gain or lose from 15 to 120 seconds each day
  • The U.S. National atomic clock can be accessed over the Internet
  • ClockWatch will synchronize your PC clock to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's atomic clock so you'll never have to set your PC's clock again
  • You can get ClockWatch for both single users and large networks


Due to deficiencies in the original PC design, clocks in computers are notoriously inaccurate. They can drift from several seconds to several minutes each day, which can be anything from a minor annoyance to a major issue.

ClockWatch keeps time in your computer accurate by regularly comparing your system clock to the atomic clock at NIST, accessible over the Internet, which keeps your computer's clock within +/- 1 second of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


ClockWatch offers you a variety of options for updating your computer's clock and managing the information, ranging from a simple, hands-off approach to a closely-managed process. ClockWatch will:

  • Make your computer clock a precision time keeper—synchronizes your clock with the U.S. cesium atomic clock, the world's most accurate clock
  • Keep time accurate automatically—just set it once and ClockWatch does the rest
  • Ensure that your system clock doesn't drift over time, and provide a graphic display of your clock's performance
  • Provide options to set your clock manually or automatically
  • Synchronize your clock using the Internet or direct modem dial-up
  • Run as a regular Windows application, from a system tray, from a command line, or as a Windows service
  • Give you access to online documentation and free customer support from Beagle Software

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