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SlideShow Features

SlideShow is a presentation engine for Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator which automates web and image viewing.  You can create slide shows of image files, web sites or any other electronic graphics.  Best of all, shows are viewed using Internet browsers, so your audience doesn't need any special software or plug-ins.


Making Shows
   Web-Based Shows
   Image Albums
   Surf Shows
Multiple Presentation Options
Show Controls
Designed for Windows 95/98/NT
Features of the Pro Version
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Version 1.3.0 Features!

Each frame of the show is called a slide.

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Making Shows

Shows are made up of a collection of slides. Slides consist of an image, and , optionally, an accompanying sound file. After displaying the image, the system pauses for the time specified.  Shows can be edited and individual slides can be added, edited, skipped or deleted from shows at anytime. Save shows to file for later use. Multiple shows can run concurrently in different browsers.

Shows can be created from scratch, or created in seconds from existing images or bookmarks using the new show wizard.

SlideShow has three main types of shows:

  • Web-based shows are web based surf shows accessible over the web.
  • Image Albums are shows made from a directory of images.
  • Surf Shows are collections of web sites grouped to make a show.

Each type of show can be opened and viewed from any web browser by opening the Web Start Page, which contains a link to the Show Page. The Show Page contains the show’s navigation controls and references to all the slides in the show.  No special files, plug-ins or runtimes are needed! The shows you make can be freely distributed and used by anyone with a Web browser. There is no need for the viewer to obtain or run SlideShow.

Web-Based Shows
Making a stand-alone web show is as easy as saving a file.  SlideShow takes the show that you have already prepared and makes an HTML-based show that can be run by any Java enabled Web browser, including later versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
More information see making Web-based slide shows.

Image Albums
With SlideShow you can turn any directory of image files on your computer into a working slide show in just seconds!   Just select the directory, press OK, and SlideShow builds a show with each jpeg, gif or bitmap as a separate slide. Then press the Show button on the main screen, sit back and enjoy!
More information see making Image Albums.

Surf Shows
 A surf show is a collection of Web sites grouped as a show.  You can easily compile a show of your selected sites and add optional  music effects.  SlideShow does all the work for you!
More information see making Surf Shows.

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Multiple Presentation Options

  • Sequential or random slide selection.
    Random mode displays slides in a different order each time.
  • Once or continuous action.
    Play slides in a continuous loop.
  • Individually-timed or default-timed slides.
    Lets you move quickly through a show for review or previewing.
  • Wait till done options.
    Waits until page is done loading before continuing.
  • Auto re-load a single slide.
    Reloads and refreshes the same web page at defined interval.
  • Full screen mode.
    Image fills the entire screen - no borders or Windows toolbars are visible. Full screen images are great for presentations or displaying web pages.
  • Auto Start of Shows.
    Show can be started automatically with the last show viewed or started from a show instruction file. Show can be started automatically with the last show viewed, or started from a show instruction file.

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Show Controls

  • Begin - Go to beginning of show.
  • Back - Go back to last slide shown.
  • Pause - Pause/restart slide show.
  • Forward - Go forward one slide.
  • End - Go to end of collection.
  • Stop - Stop current action.

Shows can also be controlled via mouse buttons or short-cuts. More information on show controls...

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Designed for Windows95/ 98 / NT

  • SlideShow is a true 32-bit application.
    Gives 32-bit features and performance.
  • Designed to run on Windows NT Server or Workstation.

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Features of the Pro Version

The Pro version adds a set of features designed for serious users. Registered users are automatically upgraded to the Pro Version when they register their software. The new Pro version features include:

  • Unlimited Show Size.
    SlideShow Pro can handle large slide shows.
  • Free upgrades within  release (i.e. 1.x.x).
    Users are notified via E-mail of all new releases.
  • 180 days of technical support.
  • Plus - you support independent software publishing!

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Detailed Documentation

Complete documentation available on-line and as a printed manual gives you both reference and user tips:

  • Help
  • User Guide
  • Technical Information
  • Technical Support
  • Contact Information

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