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Show Control Options

During a slide show, the showing of slides can be controlled in a variety of ways.  Below is a listing of the different ways that a user can control a show:

From the Main Screen:

  • Navigation keys on control bar.
Control bar on main screen.

  • Using the Control menu options.
  • Using shortcuts (i.e., Control+B = Back). The shortcut, when available, is shown in the right column of the pull down menu.
  • By dragging the slider on the show control bar.
  • With the right, middle and left mouse buttons when the cursor is moved over the remote control icon on the navigation control bar.

From the Full Screen Control Bar:

Using the mouse buttons to access the popup Control and View menus:

  • Left mouse button contains the control functions (forward, back, pause).
  • Shortcuts are shown when the menus are visible - make the menus visible with the middle mouse button.
  • Show and display options are available under the View menu.

Note: Main screen can also be kept visible when in the full screen with the Keep on top option available from the View menu.


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