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Placing a Web Show on CD

Web shows can be created and placed on CD-ROMs,  Zip drives, floppy disks  and other removable media using SlideShow. This allows you to create and distribute shows to anyone with a web browser. Since the web show is self contained on the media there is no need for the person viewing to have SlideShow or even a PC!

To create a stand-alone show to be placed on CD-ROM:

  1. Create, edit and test a show using  SlideShow.  More info...
  2. Create a Web show from the SlideShow.  More info...
  3. Copy the web show files to the CD-ROM.
  4. Place ALL the referenced files or images on the CD-ROM. 
  5. Thats it! Your users can now start your show by simply selecting the "start show" page on the CD-ROM.

You can also make a CD-ROM self booting by adding a configuration file in the CD-ROM's boot directory.

The boot part the CD-ROM contains the following: 
  1. autorun.inf file 
  2. strtshow.htm 
  3. shlexec.exe 
  4. Beagle.ico 

The contents of the autorun.inf file are:

  1. [autorun] open=shlexec.exe
  2. strtshow.htm icon=Beagle.ico
Shlexec.exe is the program which calls the first part of web show StrtShow.htm.

Beagle.ico is an optional icon file with the beagle software logo. This icon replaces the drive image when the CD-ROM is visible on the desktop.

The show files include:
  1. WebShow.htm
  2. Your show pages and/or images
All these files must be installed in root directory of the CD-ROM and not in folders on the CD-ROM. When the CD-ROM is inserted in the drive, the autorun file calls the shlexec file which begins the first file in the web show, StrtShow.htm.

Contact Beagle Software for  sample files and more information about self-booting CD-ROMs.

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