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SlideShow User Tips

The following tips should make your own SlideShow experience a little more productive (and fun!)

Tip of the week:

Making shows from images
Shows can be quickly made automatically from any directory of image files on your computer.
Just follow these 3 steps:
  1. Select  Make Show from Directory from the File -> New menu selection.
  2. Pick the directory that contains the images from the directory tree. Press OK.
  3. After SlideShow generates the show from the directory, press the start button and it's show time.

Other Useful Tips:

  • Sound Effects!
    If you're running Internet Explorer 4 under Windows 98, you can now have sound effects for changing slides by adding sound effects for Internet Explorer 4 - available free from Microsoft at
  • Endless Shows!
    SlideShow Pro has no limit to the number of slides in a show.
  • Re-loading Page
    The Auto reload setting reloads and refreshes the same web page at defined interval.
  • Sound Only
    Slides can contain just sound - the current image will not change when the sound is played.
  • Show Stats
    In the slide list of the Edit Show screen, the rightmost columns show statistics.
  • Arranging Slides Shows by Filename
    In the Edit Show screen, shows can be alphabetically re-sorted by any of the column headings by clicking on the column title.
  • Rearranging Slides in Show
    In the Edit Show screen, slides can be reordered by dragging them into a new position with the mouse.
  • Easy Control of Shows
    While a show is running, the remote control icon RemoteCntrl.gif (927 bytes) is enabled to go back, pause and forward in a show using the three mouse buttons.
  • Editing Slides
    From the slide section of the main screen, clicking on the sound file or pause time box opens up the edit screen for the slide.
  • Is That Show Running?
    The main program icon in the upper left corner of the application shows the state of the show: Green - show is running; Yellow - show is paused; Red - show is stopped.
  • Tool Tips, Love 'em or...
    Tool tips can be turned off and on from the Options menu.
  • Change the Display Frame for Shows
    To change the background color in Internet Explorer change the View/Internet Options/Colors/Background color option. If this is changed to black then images will appear in a field of black.
  • Full Screen Images
    The View/Full Screen mode features a mouse enabled control bar atop the border-less Internet Explorer screen.
  • Keeping Controls on Top
    The View/Always on Top menu option keeps SlideShow on top of all screens for easier control.
  • Get the Latest Version
    Software updates are available on-line. Check the Help/Software Update section.
  • Sound Facts
    Sound recording is done using 8-bit PCM at an 11 kHz sampling rate.
  • Customizing Controls
    Sections of the main screen can be hidden by clicking on the thin long rectangle at the left edge of each section.
  • Sharing Shows
    Guided "surfing tours" of favorite web sites can be shared with friends.
  • Multi-Screen Shows
    Multiple shows can run in multiple browsers by choosing File/New/SlideShow Window menu.
  • Moving to First or Last Slide
    The Control/Begin and Control/Ending menu and navigation buttons will go to the first or last slide of a show.
  • Pausing a Show
    The Control/Pause menu and control button will suspend a show allowing you to run a show manually using the Forward and Back buttons.
  • Referencing a Local Image
    If you are specifying a file resident on your computer when editing a slide, be sure to use the full path including the drive letter.
  • Adding Images into Shows through 'Drag and Drop'
    Files can be dragged from other applications and dropped into a show: 1) Open the Show Editor.  2) Select file from another program.  3) Hold left mouse button down as you drag file over slide list in editor.  4) The file will be added as a slide at the end of the show.


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