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Creating Image Albums in SlideShow

Elvis, Scotland and Kriby
Your images become slides in seconds!

Some of the best fun you can have with SlideShow is to take a directory of images on your computer and turn it into a working slide show - in seconds! Just select the directory, press OK, and SlideShow builds a show with each jpeg, gif or bitmap as a separate slide. Then press the Show button on the main screen, sit back and enjoy!

To have SlideShow make a show of any collection of files on your computer:

  1. Select 'Make Show from Directory' from the main screen.
  2. Choose the drive and directory the images are found in.
  3. Press 'OK' to select all the files in the directory or select individual files from the list.
  4. SlideShow then builds the album containing 'pages' or 'slides' referencing each image.
  5. Press the Show button and sit back and enjoy the show!

Find files quickly.
Just select the directory containing the images and SlideShow does the rest.

It's flexible:  

You can make an album from any directory containing files that are viewable in the web browser, including images (JPEGs, GIFs), web pages (HTML), text files and any other file formats that are supported by the browser. The directory can contain a mix of these files. After selecting the directory, a slide is made from each of the files. The individual accompanying sound file and pause time can both be specified after the show is generated.

Once your show is made:

  • Presentation options include sequential or random image viewing, once or continuous show action, individually or default-timed image, and a full-screen mode that fills the entire screen with the image.
  • Show navigation can be done with the buttons, mouse and short cuts to pause, back-up and fast-forward.

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