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Using SlideShow with Digital Cameras

Using SlideShow to make an image show with pictures you've taken with a digital camera is easy!  We'll briefly discuss how easy it is to make a show from images, make a stand-alone slide show, and finally how to distribute the slide show as a single file that you can send to others.

Making the Show

  1. Take the pictures.
  2. Download the pictures from the camera, using the software provided with the camera, into a directory on your computer.
  3. Edit the images, if desired, using image editing software.
  4. Open SlideShow.
  5. Make a show from all the slides in a directory, by selecting the directory in the "Make Show from Directory" under the File->New menu.
  6. You can add and remove images, edit slide order and timing in SlideShow's show editor.
  7. That's it. All the images should now be in a single show that are ready to be played in SlideShow.

Images can be used directly from your digital camera.

Making the Show Stand-Alone

You can also use SlideShow to make a Web-based show.  A Web-based show  can be posted on the web so that others can see it or can be sent  to friends, colleagues or customers to run without any special software other than their regular web browser.

  1. Make the show following the steps above.
  2. Save the show as a Web-based show (File->Save As->Web Show).
  3. SlideShow will then create the necessary show files.
  4. You can now run the web show from the directory by opening the 'StartShow'  file created by SlideShow.

Sending the Show to Others

Distribution of the Web-based slide show as a single self-extracting Zip-based file is also straightforward.  Contact Beagle Software for more information on using tools to distribute your slide shows.

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