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Wake on Control
       central time monitoring and control

  • Remote client control: wake-up, shutdown and remote command
  • Monitors and syncs time.
  • Simple point to point control or network wide view.
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Simple Straightforward Shutdown and Startup Control

Wake on Control - allows you to control computers remotely on your network. Start them up, shut them down, check the time or issue a remote command. It's easy. In the simple command mode Wake On Control allows to to issue commands to a single computer on your network or on the Internet. Exclusive feedback controls tells you that the command has been completed.

Full Network Control Mode (click for larger view)
In it's more comprehensive network view Wake On Control gives you visibility of computers on the network, telling you at a glance their status. You can select a single computer for immediate action.

Full network control mode  shows you all networked computers on a client tree, schedule tasks and performance graph.



Beagle Software Wake on Control provides a simple way to start, stop computers over the Internet or LAN. It features a central command and control console for keeping an entire enterprise in sync. With full control capabilities over remote client modules, Wake on Control has central control, monitoring and logging capabilities. Within the control console, you can monitor client status, as well check the time on any client, or update all or an individual client. Wake on Control  is used for:
  • Remote Control - start, stop computers remotely over LAN or Internet
  • Remote Command - issue remote commands
  • Time Monitoring - Actively Monitor the time of computers on the network.
  • Time Synchronization Keeps all computers on a LAN synchronized. 


Wake-On-LAN:  Remote computer startup for WOL enabled computers on the network.
  • Wake-on-LAN function will turn on a WOL enabled computer over the network. More...

Remote Computer Startup and Shutdown:  Remotely turn on/off computers over a network or the Internet. Computers can be remotely powered on or off with control coming over a local or wide area network.

  • Shutdown, restart or logoff remotely.  More...
  • Power-down option support.
  • When used with Relay, can gracefully shutdown and turn off older 'AT style' computers as well.
  • Works with all 32-bit windows: 9x/NT/2k/XP/2003/Vista.

Remote Program Execution:  Issue remote commands over the intranet or internet.

  • Start applications remotely.
  • Run programs or batch files.
Time Setting:  Sets exact time on clients. More..

Time System monitoring

  • Checks time of any Windows computer on network - no client software required!
  • Active discovery of all computers on network.
  • Graphs of individual client performance.
  • Detailed logs of client performance.
  • Email notification on missed or delinquent time setting

Time Synchronization

  • Synchronization - sets clients within 250 milliseconds of timeserver.
  • Secure - Clients can run the service module as a background Service.
  • Simple - No user interaction on the client is necessary. Graphic representation of client accuracy shows individual or network performance.
  • Flexible - Options for periodic, daily, and weekly scheduled time synchronization.
  • Useful - Time Set (if necessary) and Force Time (unconditionally) time setting options. 
  • Powerful - A list of advanced features lets you control clients for special tasks.
  • Accurate - Integrated with Wake on Control to keep the time on the network set correctly.
  • Dependable - We've been selling network control solutions since 1998.
  • More on keeping a network in Sync...
Advanced Features Remote startup, remote shutdown, remote command execution, Wake-On-LAN activation, remote switched device control are some of the included features. More...


Wake on Controller

Remote Module
(1 client)

Starter Pak
(includes 1 Wake on Controller, 10 remote modules
) $300 value
$99.95 $19.95 $195.00


How to Order


System Requirements

  • Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
  • LAN, WAN or Internet connectivity.

How does it work?

Download Free Trial

Wake on Controller
Self-installing executable for Windows 9x/2k/XP/2003 or Vista
application + supporting DLLs total: 4.5 MB. Version
2.0.0 WakeOnControl.exe


Remote Control Module
Requires Wake on Controller on host
Self-installing executable for Windows 9x/2k/XP/2003 or Vista
application + supporting DLLs total: 3.5 MB. Version
2.0.0 RemoteModule.exe

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Wake on Control Product Information:

  Network Time Synchronization

  Remote Startup and Shutdown 

  Client Service Module

  Network Monitoring

  Advanced Features

  Introductory Video

  Product Guide

  Relay Module

  User's Guide





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