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Advanced Features in ClockCard

There are several exciting advanced features in ClockCard.
Clock Offset


Setting Log

Clock Offset  (PCI Version)
This option let you set your PC clock ahead or backwards. After the software has the date and time and corrected for the time zones and daylight savings, it adjusts the final time with the "time offset" value before setting the system clock. Offset values can be set from -2,000,000,000 to +2,000,000,000 milliseconds. Offset time is often used when the computer is operating in a precise but non-standard time environments such as  radio and TV broadcast as well in satellite communication links.

Tech Note: We define a clock's "offset" at a particular moment as the difference between the time reported by the clock and the "true" local time as defined by UTC. If the clock reports a time Tc and the true local time is Tt, then the clock's offset is Tc - Tt.

Contact beagle Software for easy instructions.

Application Programming Interface (API)
Lets product developers integrate their applications with ClockCard. Provides for full control of clock setting and reading.
Please contact Beagle Software for more information.  

ClockCard Setting Log

Logging of settingsLogging allows you to create a permanent record of all settings made from ClockCard.

To file / Off options To turn on/off ClockCard logging.  When selected, time settings are logged to the named file. Only settings where the clock is changed are logged.  When logging is enabled, the status of each attempt is also shown in the NIST log window (bottom of 3 windows) on the main ClockWatch screen.

Log File Name Enter the file name (with path) for the ClockCard settings log. This is the text file where all resettings of the Operating System clock will be logged.

Sample log file: 

Synchronization Log 6/05/2006 4:35:30 PM
Date     Time     Difference Accuracy Status Server
-------- -------- ---------- -------- ------ ------
06-06-05 12:08:06     4.782       0.0     0 ClockCard
06-06-05 12:09:03     1.376       0.0     5 ClockCard
06-06-05 12:10:05     2.547       0.0     0 ClockCard
06-06-05 12:11:04     1.252       0.0     0 ClockCard
06-06-05 12:12:05     3.333       0.0     13 ClockCard
06-06-05 12:13:03     2.06        0.0     0 ClockCard
06-06-05 12:14:02      .782       0.0     0 ClockCard

explanation of columns and status values


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