ClockCard Time Setting/Viewing Utility

Included with ClockCard is a utility to allow you to view and set the time on both ClockCard and Windows.  The two red digital clocks show the time on the ClockCard clock and the time as kept by the Windows operating system. When the two times differ, the utility can be used to synchronize Windows with ClockCard. You can also use the utility to set ClockCard's clock to the Windows clock - useful when first setting up ClockCard. 

For automating this time setting process, use ClockWatch.

ClockCard Utility  - Set or Syncs Clocks on ClockCard or Windows

Set System to ClockCard Set the operating system time to the time on ClockCard manually. Use this setting to manually synchronize the operating system with the time on ClockCard.

Set ClockCard to System – Set the clock on ClockCard to the operating system time. Use this setting to manually set the time in ClockCard.

ClockWatch –  Opens the ClockWatch time sync program, if installed. With ClockWatch you can set how often the operating system is automatically updated by ClockCard.

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ClockCard  Utility for Windows
Self-installing executable for 
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Application + supporting DLLs total: 3.5 MB.
Version 2.2.4



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