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ClockWatch Pro
(Windows 95/98 and Windows NT versions)

  • NTP Time timeserver support: ClockWatch can now access 100’s of NTP & time-compliant timeservers worldwide. Specify most any public or private timeserver.
  • Sub-second accuracy: Tighter sub-second accuracy when using NTP protocol. All time settings now correct for connection speed over the Internet.
  • Timeserver directory: Includes a list of over 100 verified timeservers located throughout the world.
  • Timeserver test capability: Checks timeserver access and connection with 7 different tests.
  • Integrated ClockCard support: ClockWatch now supports ClockCard -- a highly accurate clock on a PC card.
  • Waits for Internet connection: Waits for the next time you are connected to the Internet to synchronize clocks.
  • Set once and exit option: Sets clock once then exits ClockWatch.
  • Display seconds option: Shows seconds on taskbar, system and world clock windows.
  • System clock displays seconds (V1.4.3)

ClockWatch Server (Win 9x/NT/2000)

ClockWatch Client  (Win 9x/NT/2000)

  • All the features of ClockWatch Pro except for a simpler timeserver setup.
  • Supports communication with ClockWatch Server in any of the 5 most common time protocols
  • Custom installation routines and "zero-admin" configuration available
  • Aggressively priced for enterprise-wide deployment.

ClockWatch Client 2000

  • Identical to ClockWatch Client except that ClockWatch Client 2000 can be run as NT Service (Client 2000)

ClockWatch Basic

  • Basic time-setting application with simpler user interface.
  • Easily upgradeable to ClockWatch Pro.
  • Product launch.

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