New Features in ClockWatch 4.6  



Current Release: V4.6.2

Clock Watch syncs to the atomic clock

ClockWatch Clock sync software
Keep your computer's clock synced
with atomic clock precision—
Single-user or Client/Server editions

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All ClockWatch versions

  • Windows 7/8  Revised administration (32/64 bit)

  • Added installer for Windows Server 2012

  • Improved logging administration (v4.6.1)

  • Added Re-register option from Help Menu (v4.6.1)

  • Added a direct-buy link (v4.6.1)

  • Windows 10 Compatible (v4.6.2)


All ClockWatch versions (except Client and Sentry Basic)

  • Added test for malicious NTP port trawling

  • Revised BIOS Clock module to work with 64-bit Windows (v4.6.2)

Cell Sync:

Star Sync:

Radio Sync:

Upgrade History

Upgrade Policy

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