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Timeserver Test for ClockWatch

The timeserver test option in ClockWatch  allows you to test the connection to a timeserver, verifying the connection, protocol and response of the timeserver. Using the 7-point diagnostic test you can readily pinpoint communication problems. 

Pinpoint connection problems with an 7-point communication test

The Timeserver utility allows you to:

  • Check each timeserver for support of each of 5 different world standard time- synchronization protocols.
  • Choose a timeserver from a directory of over 100 timeservers throughout the world.
  • Update ClockWatch settings to use the new timeserver.

    Note: Timeserver utility includes basic communication verification using  'ping'  communication.

The benefits of using the timeserver test utility include:

  • Quick diagnosis of server communication problems.
  • Provides an extensive listing of alternative timeserver sites.
  • Highlights potential communication problems when installing ClockWatch behind proxy servers or corporate firewalls.

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