Site Licensing Options for ClockWatch

For companies ordering several copies of ClockWatch for internal use, 
multiple ClockWatch licenses can be ordered at a discount.


  • Discounts are based on the total quantity ordered.
  • Discount rate would apply to all other ClockWatch editions as well, 
    with the aggregate quantity determining the discount rate (mixing editions qualifies for volume discount).
  • Subsequent orders within the first 6 months are priced at the best discount earned.
  • Terms are available to qualified companies.



  • Beagle Software offers 5X10 telephone support to the system administrator for 6 months 
    as part of the license agreement.
  • Beagle Software will also supply end-user support via e-mail for that period.
  • A continuing support contract is available for ongoing support after the initial period.

For More Information

  • Contact the   or call toll-free at 1-877-845-2549 (outside of US/Canada: +1 612-370-1091).

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