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Use the Countdown Timer to Display
Time Remaining in eBay Auction

Want to know how much time is left in the auction you are bidding in? ClockWatch includes the Countdown timer utility which can be used to show the exact time remaining in an auction. To use it with eBay just follow these 8 simple steps.

Steps for using the Countdown Timer to time an auction in eBay

Open Your Web Browser use you web browser to find the auction you want to time
1) Open the auction item in eBay
2) Find the ending time on the item listing page
3) Highlight the ending time with your mouse
4) Copy the highlighted ending time (Edit->Copy or Ctrl+c)

'Ctrl+c' means to hold down the 'Control'
button while pressing the letter 'c' key
This saves the ending time to the clipboard
Open the Countdown Timer
The countdown timer can be started from ClockWatch Tools menu or the Windows Start Menu
(Program Files->Beagle Software->ClockWatch->Countdown Timer)
5) Set a new alarm time by selecting
Set->Alarm from the menu
This will open up the 'Enter Time' form.
6) Place the mouse in the Time setting box
7) Paste the time selected in step for above into the box (Ctrl+v) This copies the time you saved from the auction. You can also label the auction in the "Event Title" field.

8) Press 'OK'

That's it! Countdown will automatically convert the time from Pacific time to your local time. The time remaining in the auction will show in the main countdown screen.
Synchronizing your Computer with EBay Don't forget to synchronize your computer with eBay. That way your display will show the exact time remaining in the auction. You can use ClockWatch to set your computer to the eBay's official time before the auction ends. eBay also uses the NIST Atomic Clock as a time base.

Open ClockWatch

ClockWatch can be started from the Windows Start Menu
(Program Files->Beagle Software->ClockWatch->ClockWatch)

Press the "Set Time" button

Setting the Auction Link
(not required for countdown)
You can create a link to the auction by copying the link and pasting it into the Countdown time. Linking lets you jump into the auction quickly. Linking is not required to show the time remaining.
 Copy the item link from the web browser (Edit-Copy or Ctrl+c)
 Paste the link into the link field (Ctrl+v)
 Press 'OK' That's it! Pressing the 'Go' button will now open up the auction item in your web browser.

The Countdown Timer in Action

  • The time the auction ends and the time remaining in the auction will show in the Countdown screen:

  • When minimized, the time remaining  in the auction will show in the taskbar

  • Pressing the "Go" button will open the auction in your web browser.

  • A series of warning beeps will sound when there is five minutes to go in the auction

  • The countdown timer will remember the auction ending time the next time you start it.

  • ClockWatch automatically checks if your countdown timer will expire today.


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Get the Countdown Timer now (Included with ClockWatch)

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