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Internet Phone


Call us for Free from Anywhere
via VOIP Internet Phone

You can call us immediately through your PC over the Internet at no cost.

How does it work?
After pressing the Call Us! button, a small ActiveX application will start to be downloaded and installed on your computer. This application helps configure your PC communications device, and connects your computer to us over the Internet via Voice over IP (VOIP) technology.

Follow the the on screen instructions or see the steps below;

  1. To configure the communications settings for your PC, on the settings introduction page - click "Next."
  2. Select the type of communications device on your PC you are using to place your call (this is important as it improves sound quality) - click "Next."
  3. Test the sound volume by selecting "Start Tone" and if necessary adjust the volume with the small slider on the volume bar - click "Next."
  4. Adjust the volume of your voice by selecting "Record" and speak a few words at a comfortable volume. Adjust the slider next to the meter so that the sound of your voice is in the middle of the meter while speaking - click "Next."
    Note: you must have sufficient microphone volume to turn the indicator from red to green
  5. To complete the download and initiate the call - click "Finish."  This will start the call to us. You will not need to repeat the process for future calls.

    The Internet phone is best used with a headset/microphone but many computers today are delivered with built in microphone and speakers.

System requirements

  • MS Windows running Internet Explorer, versions 5.0 and later (Netscape version to follow)
  • Full-duplex sound card
  • Microphone and speakers, handset, or headset
  • Broadband (DSL/cable/T1) Internet connection

If it doesn't work...

Most problems are due to the way the security settings of  your web browser is configured. Since ActiveX controls have a great deal of power you should be careful before installing a control.

Things to Try

  • Try reloading this page and say yes to install the control when prompted. If the application does not download, try turning off your computer's pop-up blocker.
  • You might also need to change your Internet Security settings to allow this ActiveX control to download and run.
  • You might consider adding the Beagle Software web site( to the list of trusted web sites within Internet Explorer. This should allow the ActiveX control to load and run. For more information about this page contact Beagle Software.


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