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Government and Civilian Agencies

Beagle Software is an established provider of synchronization software and devices to scores of government agencies at the federal, state and local level. Applications include integrating computer NTP networks and workstations, synchronizing remote or secure networks and precision time stamping of documents. Our systems are used in both military and civilian installations.

We work directly with federal agencies and organizations, as well as prime
contractors, sub-contractors, resellers and reps.
Beagle Software is a small American-based business.

Typical Government Applications

  • Computer Synchronization-Precision timekeeping traceable back to the NIST.
  • LAN/WAN-Synchronize devices and their log files for network security.
  • Computer Servers and Clients-Synchronize computer clocks, databases, and emails.
  • Physical Security-Synchronize video, alarm, building access and other security records for analysis and evidence purposes-not only within an enterprise but also across enterprises/agencies so that all are 'on the same clock. Clock Locking option of host computer.
  • Computer-based Timing - scientific or lab test that require accurate time
  • Document Time Stamping - receipt of documents, proposals, etc.

Registry Information

  • Company Name: BEAGLE SOFTWARE, INC
  • CCR CAGE Code: 390P6
  • DUNS Number: 176446433
  • NAICS: 334518

Products for Government and Civilian Agencies

Network Time Servers


ClockWatch® Server and Client are Beagle Software’s solution for networks. ClockWatch® Server is a dual-functioning application that maintains correct time and services client requests for time. Server works with both our own client, and the built in w32time.exe service in Windows XP. ClockWatch server uses the Internet, GPS satellites or CDMA broadcast to get its time. More..
GPS and CDMA based systems provide reliable and secure timing to networks and critical devices for command centers and secure data networks. Both provide NTP timeserving for Ethernet networks

Star Sync

Sync Computer to GPS Satellites
ClockWatch® Star Sync acquires precise time from GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites and makes the correct time available over the local network using the Network Time Protocol (NTP). Star Sync synchronizes client computers typically to +/- 0.1 second (dependent on the receiver and network configuration). By installing the ClockWatch® Star Sync within your network firewall, you ensure high reliability and security in delivering precise time. More..

Cell Sync


Gets time from Cellular Broadcast
Cell Sync combines the precision of atomic time with the ubiquity of cell phone service. This pairing makes installing a reliable precision timeserver a simple task; simply plug in the receiver, and it synchronizes itself to the nearest CDMA transmitter in seconds.

There are no subscription fees, wireless contracts or any other ongoing charges. The initial investment is the only cost. The CDMA spread spectrum time receiver is self-contained with a small stub antenna located on the side.  The receiver can be used anywhere a cell phone can be, even under marginal signal conditions. More..
Time Clients


Time Synchronization Software
ClockWatch® is Beagle Software’s flagship software package to keep the Windows® system clock set to the correct time. ClockWatch features an array of user-selected options for automated settings, display, and performance monitoring.

Available for both stand-alone desktop use and as a time client on a network.


Clock Locking


Locks Down PC Clocks
ClockWatch® Sentry is a full featured time client with Clock Locking. This gives you the ability to lock down the time on the computer.  This prevents an unauthorized user from changing the computer time. An administrator may set an authorization password and determine who is allowed to modify the system clock. More..


Time Stamping


Time / Date Stamp Printer with Atomic Clock Accuracy
DocuClock® is Beagle Software’s premier software/printer combination that provides a time and date stamp with Atomic Clock accuracy to the second.  DocuClock® features an assortment of user-selectable print formats and time displays.  Ideal for document reception.  More..


Bus-Level Clock Boards


Real Time Clock on a PC Card
Beagle Software's ClockCard is an accurate real time clock complete on a PC card.  It can serve as a replacement for the clock on your computer’s motherboard.    More..


List of other government agencies buying Beagle Software

Government Sales: +1877-845-2549 or [email protected]


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