Troubleshooting Broadband Monitor                

The Broadband Monitor checks the status of your Internet connection.
If the connection fails check for the possible reasons below:.

Test Failed


Next Steps

Resolve name

Unable to resolve name into IP address.

Check spelling of address.

Check if Internet connection is active.

Name lookup is active by checking a known public site (i.e.

Firewall preventing access.

Domain name server is down or otherwise unavailable.

Note: Generally ff you cannot resolve the address all the subsequent tests will fail.


Site does not echo back a ping.

Some sites do not support ping. Verify by pinging a known public site (i.e.

Firewall preventing access.

Fails Test but Connection is OK

Windows Firewall Configuration

The default setting for firewalls, including Windows Firewall, often disallows network services, such as ping which requires network access to function. You must allow Ping access for Broadband Monitor to function. Set your firewall to allow for Ping or ICMP.


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