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Resolving Date Issues with ClockCard

As part of its time keeping functions, ClockCard will upgrade computers with defective or date-deficient clocks. Add to this the  ability to lock the date and time on the computer, and you have a whole new level of time/date integrity to your computer or network.

Even today, some RTCs (Real Time Clocks) being manufactured do not keep track of the century. This means that when the year 99 rolls over to 00, the RTC does not roll the century over from 19 to 20 and so the date becomes 1900 instead of 2000. In nearly all computers today, this problem has to be taken care of by the BIOS on the PC.

Unfortunately, most PCs manufactured before 1995 come with a BIOS that does not take care of this problem. So when the BIOS is asked to give a date after the turn of the century, it will give the year 1900. If your computer was turned on after being off, the DOS operating system, for example, will change the date from 01-01-1900 to 01-01-1980 because it knows that PCs did not exist before 1980.

Any program running on a computer that asks the BIOS for a date could be given an incorrect one, and the consequences of this can be disastrous. For example, computer transactions will have wrong dates, files will have wrong dates, back-up programs might even delete recently made backups as they appear more than 90 days old.

ClockCard's Date Correcting Features

  • Clock Locking prevents unauthorized users from changing date or time.
  • Onboard firmware solves all BIOS problems relating to year 2000.
  • Corrects all Award BIOS v4.50PG and HP vectra year 2000 problems.
  • Corrects Crouch-Echlin effect and all other RTC buffering/timing problems.
  • Corrects time latency and rollover delay problems.

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