New Features in ClockWatch 1.3/1.4

ClockWatch Pro
(Windows 95/98 and Windows NT versions)

  • Direct modem connection
    Use the computer’s modem to place a call directly to the NIST and sync up with their atomic clock. A handy alternative to connecting over the Internet.
  • Auto-dials your ISP
    Automatically dials the Internet when not logged on (V1.4)
  • System clock displays seconds (V1.4)
  • World clock
    Shows the correct time of any place on earth in ClockWatch’s main display.
  • Expanded international support
    Expanded local time and date format support.
  • Daytime timeserver support
    ClockWatch can now access 100s of Daytime compliant timeservers world-wide.
    Specify any public or private timeserver.
  • Proxy server support
    ClockWatch can now work behind a corporate firewall connecting to a timeserver through a proxy server.
  • ClockCard support (V1.4)
  • Y2K compliant
    Fully tested and qualified for year 2000 compliance.

ClockWatch Server (Win 9x/NT)

ClockWatch Client (Win 9x/NT)

  • All the features of ClockWatch Pro except for a simpler server setup.
  • Designed to work with ClockWatch Server.
  • Custom installation routines and "zero-admin" configuration available
  • Aggressively priced for enterprise-wide deployment.
  • Can be run as NT Service (Client 2000)


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