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Auto-ISP Lets ClockWatch Dial the Internet Automatically!

The Auto-Dial Internet service provider option instructs ClockWatch to establish an Internet connection when a clock needs to be synchronized. With this feature you can select the Internet Service provider ClockWatch will dial for the Internet connection. You can choose the dial-up account and test the connection that ClockWatch will use.

When enabled, ClockWatch will dial and log into the specified ISP account. ClockWatch will use all the existing dial-up account information, including phone number, user name and password. It is important that this information is current and accurate. If already connected to the Internet, ClockWatch will attempt to use the existing connection. Once connected, ClockWatch will synchronize the system clock with the NIST and then terminate the Internet connection.

Use the Auto-dial ISP option when you want to connect to the NIST over the Internet; use the Direct Modem Connection if you want to call the NIST directly via modem.

Steps for using the Auto-ISP Dial feature:

  1. Set up an Internet service account through Windows Dial-Up Networking (DUN). Test the account and the connection, making sure that the connection can be made without entering a password or username.
  2. Open the Auto-Dial ISP screen in ClockWatch.
  3. Select a DUN account from the pull down menu.
  4. Test the DUN account by pressing the Dial ISP button.
  5. Confirm that the account is dialed, answered, and the connection is established. You should see the same regular Windows network connection icon (two networked computers) after the connection is established.
  6. Drop the connection by pressing the Disconnect button.
  7. Check the Dial ISP first to connect to the Internet option. Save the settings by pressing OK.
  8. When ClockWatch is called to do time synchronization, it checks if an Internet connection is established. If it is not,  it will dial the DUN network account and then make the clock setting.
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