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Common ClockWatch Installation Problems

If your key code is not accepted by the software.

  • Make sure you typed the key code EXACTLY as shown.  All letters should be capitalized.
  • Did you install the correct EDITION (e.g. Pro, Sentry,  Server, Client)?  For example, if you registered ClockWatch Basic but have install ClockWatch Pro, you are running the wrong edition.  
    • You can verify the edition by running the software (within the 30-day free trial), then choose Help>About to determine the edition and version.
  • Did you install the VERSION for which you are registered (e.g., 2.5.0)?  If you are restoring the software you may be registered for an older version.  Our download page keeps the latest version of the software, which may not work for your situation.  
    • If the latest version is not your version, you must upgrade OR contact to get a copy of the installation files for which you are registered.  Please include your name and user ID (if you have it).  We have your record in our database and can get you the correct information.
    • For best results, uninstall the newer version by running Beagle Software's uninstall utility (Start>Programs>Beagle Software>Uninstall).  Then install the correct edition/version provided by Beagle Software.

If after installing ClockWatch you get a runtime error when starting ClockWatch such as:

Run time error “372” - failed to load control CommonDialog from COMDLG32.OCX - your version of COMDLG32.OCX may be outdated.


Run-time error “372” Failed to load control "MS Comm" from MSCOMM32.OCX. Your version of MSCOMM32.OCX may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.


OLEAUT32.dll is out of date. A newer version is required for this program.

This indicates that the common control that ClockWatch uses was not installed during installation and needs to be updated. To update the file, follow these steps.

  1. Identify the name of the control by reading the error message. Controls have file names that end in “OCX” or “DLL”. Write down the name of the control.
  2. Open an MS-DOS window by clicking "Start," drag to "Programs," then click on "MS-DOS Prompt." This will open the "MS-DOS Prompt" window. You should see a C:\WINDOWS> prompt.
  3. Type "cd system" (do not type the quotation marks) and press <Enter.> This will change the prompt to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM>.
  4. Rename the older version of the control identified in step 1 by typing “ren control control.old” for example "ren comdlg32.ocx comdlg32.old" and press <Enter> (again, do not type the quotation marks.)
  5. If your Run Time Error message specifies a different file, replace "comdlg32" with your specified file. This will rename the file and return the prompt to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM>.
  6. Close the "MS-DOS Prompt" window by clicking the X button in the top right corner.
  7. Reinstall ClockWatch over the existing installation, updating the control.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact   with the exact text of the error message you are seeing.

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