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ClockWatch Enterprise Advanced Features

The advanced features of ClockWatch Enterprise offer remote device control options. Enterprise can run these functions on a client computer with the Enterprise Service Module installed.

Feature Details

Time Setting:  Sets exact time on clients. More..

Remote Computer Startup and Shutdown:  Remotely turn on/off computers over a network or the Internet. Computers can be remotely powered on or off with control coming over a local or wide area network.

  • Shutdown, restart or logoff remotely.  More...
  • Power-down option support.
  • When used with Relay, can gracefully shutdown and turn off older 'AT style' computers as well.
  • Works with all 32-bit windows: 9x/NT/2k/XP/2003.

Remote Program Execution:  Issue remote commands over the intranet or internet.

  • Start applications remotely.
  • Run programs or batch files.

Wake-On-LAN:  Remote computer startup for WOL enabled computers on the network.

  • Wake-on-LAN function will turn on a WOL enabled computer over the network. More...

Network Monitoring:  Monitor status of clients on the LAN with remote heartbeat and  Ping functionality. Full graph capabilities.

  • Heartbeat function checks O/S viability
  • Ping function does a simple cross-platform network check.
  • More...

Remote Device Control:  Remotely control devices over a network or the Internet. Devices can be remotely powered on or off with control coming over a local or wide area network. ClockWatch Enterprise talks to a Relay module which opens or closes switch contacts. ClockWatch Enterprise lets you control printers, computers, peripherals or any other powered device from across the office or around the world.

  • Control via Relay module over a network or the Internet.
  • Turns off or on most powered devices.
  • Relay Output: 2 SPDT  independent contacts (rated 24 VDC or 115 VAC@10 A max)
  • Suitable for instrumentation or remote device control.


Possible Uses
  • Remote startup and shutdown of computers.
  • Remote control of devices.
  • Home /office automation options.
  • Security, lighting, instrumentation.
  • Network level control of computers and peripherals.
  • Simple process control of security systems, monitoring, or process control.
  • Contact closure/opening level control.


Introductory Video

A downloadable version of the Enterprise Install & Setup video is available.  The video covers setup, installation and an introduction to the Enterprise software.

You many view a low-resolution  version of the video included with the product.

Requires: Windows Media Player
Choose your connection speed:
Dial-up (up to 56k) Watch Video File Size: 1.5 Meg
 High Speed (DSL, Cable Modem, ISDN, T1 etc) Watch Video File Size: 6 Meg


For more information

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Remote Startup and Shutdown 

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Network Monitoring

Advanced Features


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