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Using Microsoft Proxy Client with MS Proxy Server

Proxy Client
Proxy Client is an application wrapper developed by Microsoft.  Proxy Client allows Windows 95/98/NT/2k/XP users to enable their WinSockapplications to traverse a Microsoft Proxy server. Proxy Client does not require modifications to the WinSock applications or the WinSock stacks. On a Microsoft Proxy Server-enabled firewall, Proxy Client offers a client-only solution.

Version Tested Win  NT Win 95
ClockWatch  Pro Yes Yes
ClockWatch Server Yes Yes

Beagle Software test configuration used Microsoft Proxy Server (v2.0).


How does Proxy Client Work?

  • Proxy Client is a series of Microsoft Windows DLLs that extends the functionality of the Windows Socket (WinSock) stack, allowing it to work successfully in the WinProxy environment. Proxy Client intercepts calls from WinSock applications to the Windows Socket (WinSock) stack and converts them to calls to the Microsoft Proxy Server. 
  • Proxy Client resides between ClockWatch and the WinSock stack. It converts socket calls to communicate to the WinProxy Server service running on the Microsoft Proxy Server.
  • For more about configuring applications to work with firewalls


Who Can Use Proxy Client?

  • Users behind corporate proxy firewalls that are running WinProxy on MS Proxy Server.

How Can I get Proxy Client?

  • Proxy Client is included with Microsoft Proxy Server in the Clients directory within the distribution.
For information about Proxy Server and to download the application:
Microsoft Proxy Server has been replaced by Microsoft ISA Server.
Information about both products can be found at:



Installing Proxy Client

You use the Microsoft WinSock Proxy Client application to enable or disable the WinSock Proxy client software, change the server from which client configuration files are downloaded, and download fresh copies of the client configuration files.


  1. Locate the Microsoft Proxy Client software.
  2. Install it on the client computer running ClockWatch.


MS Proxy Client Install

Configuring Proxy Client for ClockWatch

Configuring Proxy Client on Client Computer

Proxy Client Control Panel Setup 
(on client machine running ClockWatch)
  1. Install Proxy Client.
  2. Open WSP  Client in the Windows Control Panel.
  3. Enter the Server name of the Server running Proxy Server.
  4. Check the Enable WinSock Proxy Client - this will switch the WinSock calls from your local Internet connection to the Proxy Server.
  5. Press the Update Now button.
  6. After re-boot, the Proxy Client software will be active.


Winsock Client Proxy Control Panel
Settings on MS Proxy Server

The Client computer must be registered on the Proxy Server.

WinProxy Service must be running on the Proxy Server. Check with the Internet Service Manager.

No additional Permission or configuration of the Service should be necessary.


Inet Service Manager


Settings on ClockWatch

  1. Configure ClockWatch as if it were directly connected to the Internet. Do not use the Proxy Server setting.


Server Option Tab

ClockWatch Firewall Page
ClockWatch Client/Server
ClockWatch Enterprise

ClockWatch Main Page

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