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Parallel Interface
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Parallel Interface Option

DocuClock is available for either serial or parallel connections to the computer.  The type you choose depends on the port(s) available on the computer to which the DocuClock will be connected.

The most common connection is serial, but check your computer to be sure if you have the port available. If you have one 9 pin male connector on the back of your computer, it is probably a serial port. If you have a 25 hole female connector, it is probably a parallel port. More...


DocuClock Parallel printing unit


Parallel Port/Connection (Centronix)
Centronix Connector
(printer end)
Parallel ports are able to transmit more than one bit at a time (that is, it receives several bits in parallel). Most modern printers are parallel.

The DocuClock Parallel printers come with a cable with a Centronix connector for the printer end and  a 25-pin "D-shell" male end for the computer.  Converters are available at electronic and computer stores, if needed.

25-pin D-Sub plug (computer end)

  Product     Price SKU Includes  
DocuClock Parallel
Parallel (printer) interface
Includes printer, software, cables, installation video, manual
and  ClockWatch Pro Software
DCP $895
Sale $745.
Save! refurbished DocuClocks are also available.  DCPR $545. More....


DocuClock OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality 5 mil printer ribbon. Black. DCPR1 $10.00

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How to Order

DocuClock can be ordered from our online store. 
You can call us at 877-845-2549
toll free
212-202-5544 NY, 612-370-1091 MN

System Requirements

For complete product  information see DocuClock Specifications.

Computer Windows PC (not included) with available parallel (Model DCP)  or serial port (Model DCS).
Computer Interface Model DCP - Parallel (CENTRONICS)
More info on cables
Cable Printer or Parallel cable (included)
Clock Acccuracy Depends on Computer Clock.  With the included ClockWatch software installed, accuracy is better than +/- 1 second from UTC.


For more information

Product Information:

    Detailed Product Guide
    User Manual
    Installation Guide - Installation Video

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Competitive comparison


Clock and Timekeeping Information:
 OATS Compliance Information

    More about Time and Time standards

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