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Notification Options in ClockWatch



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Desktop Notification in System Tray
When enabled, ClockWatch will monitor the last time a time check was made. If the last check exceeds the interval limit selected then a warning will be shown in the Log Window and in the system tray icon.
If Event logging is enabled, then ClockWatch will write the warning message to the event log. ClockWatch will also check the last time a check was made when you start the program, alerting you if a time check is overdue.


Email Notification

ClockWatch can notify you via email when the computer’s clock is overdue for a time check. Notification alerts you or an affiliate to a potential problem via email when the clock has not been checked for a period of time.

Test Screen lets you verify email can be sent

Note that:
  • The warning message from ClockWatch includes the computer’s name and IP address, the time and date the warning was generated, and the amount of time elapsed since the last successful clock check.
  • The SMTP server used must allow sending mail without logging in or first checking incoming mail. ClockWatch uses the default port (25) to send mail.

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