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Event Triggering
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Automatic Event Triggering in DocuClock


  • Use external signals to trigger a time stamp or log an event

  • Event can print immediately, later or be saved to file

  • Integrated to work with DocuClock

  • Module connects to computer through serial port

  • No external power supply required


Event Triggering

DocuClock allows you to record precisely when an event occurs.  Users have the ability to print an event time and/or write the event record to a  file. When running on a computer  time standardized with ClockWatch software, DocuClock can provide either a hard copy or a computer record of when an event occurred with millisecond precision.

Event Trigger Module

Using the Event Trigger module, you can use electrical signals to trigger when an event starts. .  The log file will record the time the event occurred, and include desired annotations. The module can be configured to store the event for later printing or print immediately. Custom multi line output is possible, identifying the event and when it occurred. The timestamp can be made with millisecond precision using the msec time format options in DocuClock. Paper and file timestamps create a permanent record on when the event occurred.

Sample event file output:

Time Stamp Log               1/15/05 2:11:00 PM

Date     Time          String
-----    ----          ----------
05-01-15 12:11:08.034  Alarm 1
05-01-15 12:11:09.631  Alarm Answered
05-01-15 14:11:12.584  Alarm 2
05-01-15 14:11:24.139  Alarm Answered

The Event Trigger Module with software is available directly from Beagle Software.


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