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Time and date stamper for Institutional and Governmental use

DocuClock is a precision time date stamper that can be used to stamp and receive time sensitive documents. In addition to stamping the date and time on the document, DocuClock will also log the time stamp in a file.

  • Document Reception
  • Bid Reception

DocuClock can be used for document and package reception. Simply slide the first page of the document into the printer and the printer will stamp the time and date onto the document. This stamp can serve as both a receipt for proof of arrival, and internal tracking of documents.

DocuClock will time and date stamp your Document with the official time of the US Government. Our software keeps an audit trail of time stamps for reference, and in the event of an audit you will already have a record of all time stamps.

The latest features include the ability to print sequential serial numbers, logos, images, and document specific messages.


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  • Accurate, computer-controlled time output with Atomic Clock Accuracy:  with ClockWatch software installed, the host computer can be set to receive time signal once, twice, or several times a day. NIST time signal can be received through a modem or the Internet.
  • Prints: Year/Month/Date/Hours/Minutes/Seconds User-selectable print formats:  Standard or custom messages.
  • Automated Activity Log:  A log entry is added every time a timestamp is printed.
  • Multi-User: Since it can run as a service, DocuClock is available for time stamping whenever the computer is on, regardless of who is logged in.
  • Synchronized Time:  Computer sends time signal to printing unit every time a time stamp is made.
  • Accurate:  Accuracy within +/- 1 second per day.  When used with ClockWatch, DocuClock will not accumulate time drift because it is synchronized every time a time stamp is made (OATS allows time drift of up to three seconds per day).
  • Fail Safe Mode:  Only prints if accurate. Unlike other time print systems, DocuClock will only print the time if it gets a reading from the clock running on the host computer. Other time clocks can accumulate several seconds of drift between readings.
  • Easy to Use: just insert the paper to be printed and voila, the stamp is made.

DocuClock printing unit

Printer Features:

  • Auto Print:  Dual optical paper sensors print automatically whenever a paper slip is introduced.
  • Desk Friendly:  The desktop DocuClock time stamp unit measures only 7 x 7.5 inches. It is available in either white or dark gray.
  • Ribbon Cartridge:  Snap-in Ribbon Cartridge (Blue or Black).
  • Commercial Quality: Unit is designed for years of dependable service; the print head has an expected life of well over 1 million stamps.

Print Samples

The following illustrates a sample Time/Date stamp print format. The User-Selectable print options are shown in the User Guide that accompanies DocuClock, which allows you to customize the way the time stamp is printed.

FEB 01, 2004 AM 9:00:39
Sample format of Date/Time Stamp

Now prints logos and images


For more information on DocuClock, please complete the information request form.  Selected customer list
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212-202-5544 NY, 612-370-1091 MN

 DocuClock is a registered trademark of Beagle Software, Inc.

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