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Add a ClockCard to your DocuClock system and get a stable, reliable time base that provides additional stability and provides a backup time source when outside synchronization is unavailable. Instead of drifting seconds an hour (like most operating systems do), the ClockCard will maintain its time within seconds per month.  Best of all its fully integrated with the DocuClock time stamping system and the ClockWatch time sync software.


  • Provides a stable time time base for precise date/time stamps
  • Serves as  backup when the Internet time sync is not available
  • Gives up to microsecond precision that is available with Windows


How it Works

The easiest way to understand how ClockCard works is to compare a DocuClock system with and without ClockCard installed.

Without ClockCard:
DocuClock normally gets it's time from the Windows operating system. The operating system is maintained by ClockWatch to be at the atomic time. Every time a time stamp is made, DocuClock gets its time from the operating system.

With ClockCard:
With the ClockCard master clock option installed, DocuClock gets it's time directly from the clock on ClockCard. This bypasses the operating system and provides time directly to DocuClock. The ClockWatch software synchronizes the clock on ClockCard whenever a time setting is made.



The real-time clock is contained on a PCI type PC card. The card fits inside the same computer where DocuClock is connected.  A software link ties the clock on the card to DocuClock. More...


How to Order

The ClockCard clock is an add-on option for all DocuClock purchases.

ClockCard a real time master clock on a PCI card. Provides a stable reliable time base.

CCPCI $239.95

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